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SEO just as important as social networking by Valerie Hoven
February 16, 2010, 9:47 pm
Filed under: Healthcare, HIT, Web 2.0

@chrisboyer is right. I didn’t spend half my day fixing the taxonomy on dozens (possibly hundreds) of articles related to my hospital’s specialities if SEO isn’t important. As a matter of fact, I’m not even half way through with my work. Should probably get back to it 😉

But while social networking sites are new and exciting, don’t forget that if you have nothing to link back to, patients only know what they heard from others – which isn’t always what you want them to hear.


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Thanks for the shoutout, Valerie. I agree – without websites, what would we send our social media fans to? How would we convert them?

Comment by Chris Boyer

Agreed. We can engage the community until our fingers drop, but if we’re sending them to broken links and outdated or incorrect information, it’s all for nothing. What’s just as important as SEO and SM is measurement. What pages are getting the most hits? What’s the bounce rate? As most websites “push out” and don’t do much “pulling in”, reviewing the site analytics is the only real way to listen to the audience and is a vital puzzle piece to SM strategy and conversion. Regardless of where a site is at in terms of updating, measurement should be an ongoing part of it’s growth.

Comment by Kristin

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