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On-going list of intranet resources by Valerie Hoven
May 12, 2010, 8:04 pm
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A tweet came up in my TweetDeck “intranet” column. @baldgeekinmd called for help, and intranet resources must come to the rescue!

@baldgeekinmd: Ok, got appointed to MPOW’s intranet redesign team. Suggestions for intranet redesign and best practices anyone.

How can we help?? I’m trying to make a general list of links to other blogs, sites and resources about intranets. Here’s a list (which is always open to more).

First, super intranet guru @markmorrell and his blog.
Second is owner of THE Intranet Blog, @tobyward.
Third, consulting team Intranet Connections. Even though they are in the business of getting clients, they still share their wisdom.  Follow @CarolynDouglas or @RachelLai83.
Next, the Intranet Benchmarking Forum shares screenshots sometimes, and they often have “intranet tours,” but you have to pay usually. Not always though. Follow @ibf.
Here’s a presentation on intranet best practices, specifically for social intranets.

If you use Sharepoint, most of what you need can be found on Microsoft’s own site.
Here is a super cool list of sites that use Sharepoint and their screenshots, all listed by industry.
Here’s Microsoft’s own template for a Sharepoint governance plan.

@baszurburg reminded me of a good resource: The Intranet Lounge and other tweeps @s2d_jamesr of @StepTwoDesigns.
@jonnop: Intranet Future blog
@Peter_Richards: Aussie Intranet Manager
@seanrnicholson: One of my first intranet tweep friends and author of Intranet Experience.
@m_nash: Global Intranet Manager and blogger behind The Daily Nash.
@netjmc: Jane McConnell and her blog about intranets and online workspaces, Globally Local – Locally Global.
@roojwright: A frequent #followfriday guy of mine and resource behind the Worldwide Intranet Challenge.
@IntraTeam: Strong follower and frequent retweeter of all intranet tweets and owners of
@wedge: Frequent blogger of intranet tips and tricks at Kilobox Communiqué.
@gerrymcgovern: CEO of Customer Carewords. He has an e-newsletter, too.
Katrina Marques: Intranet Professional

Twitter Lists
Sharepoint by @AndreaBichsel
Intranet by @beantin: “People who tweet about intranet strategy, management and trends”

Intranet Humor
@intranetsecrets: The guys behind


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Behold the power of twitter in action! Thanks for the resources. I am forwarding this post to my team for resource consideration.

You prove again that “you are what you share!”

Comment by (almost) Bald Trainer

Glad you found it helpful! We’ve got a “community” of sorts on Twitter, and we share a lot of info and help each other out. The ones I listed above are the frequent victims of my intranet cries for help 🙂

Comment by Valerie Hoven

Hi Valerie

Thank you for including Rachel and I in your ‘go-to’ intranet resources! Twitter is my favorite social media outlet because of the amazing intranet community it provides. I am constantly learning and appreciate the opportunity to share. So glad we have connected through Twitter, and thanks again for the mention.

Carolyn Douglas
Intranet Connections

Comment by Carolyn Douglas

Hi Valerie,

Thank you SO much for including me in this list of intranet resources! I also find @jonnop @Peter_Richards and @seanrnicholson great sources of information for intranets.

Comment by Rachel Lai

Thank YOU Carolyn and Rachel! You both have been very helpful in my own intranet efforts as well as being active members of our Twitter community. And thank you Rachel for the additional resource. I’ll add them.

Comment by Valerie Hoven

Hi Valerie.

Thanks so much for including me in your intranet resources list. I am very flattered to be amongst those I would consider Intranet Gurus.

I definately think you should add Jane McConnell @netjmc and her wonderful

Thanks again for the inclusion.

Comment by Peter Richards

Hi Valerie

Thank you for including me on your list of intranet resources. Much appreciated! Always happy to help with intranet queries and to share best practice. I am also working in the social media field and happy to help in that area too.

Comment by Jonathan Pollinger

There is always the list of resources on and you’ll find my blog (same URL) focuses on reports, books etc on intranet topics

Martin White

Comment by Martin White

Great addition, Martin! New site for me. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Valerie Hoven

Adding my own thanks to your post… Thanks for listing my @beantin Intranet Twitter list!

I try to add active and relevant Tweeters to that list when I pass them in my twitter travels.

Comment by James Royal-Lawson

No prob, James! Thank you for the help 🙂

Comment by Valerie Hoven

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