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Five Ways to Use Yammer by Valerie Hoven
June 22, 2010, 6:48 pm
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It’s obvious, but it’s one of the best things to do on Yammer. My network is open to my entire health system (I work at one of 13 hospitals in my system). So, when I was put on a major project in the my hospital, I went on Yammer and asked who else was working on this project, either in or out of my hospital, and what tips they had. I ended up having lunch with a woman at another hospital who just implemented the project at her hospital, and she gave me all kinds of resources so that I could follow her steps almost exactly to get my job done.

Build a Group

While I never want to take traffic away from my intranet, the love of my life, Yammer does offer a group function where users can build a group and invite people to join. It serves as a discussion board and file sharing system. If you don’t have an awesome intranet like mine (that offers discussion boards, wikis, file sharing, blogging and surveys and lots more), then Yammer should be considered.

My network has groups of all kinds, not just for work projects. There’s a group for those who speak/practice French, a group for vegans to exchange recipes and new restaurants to visit, and even a “stair climbers anonymous” group for those who choose to lead a healthy lifestyle and take the stairs instead of the elevators.

Recognize a Coworker

Who doesn’t love a virtual pat on the back? Use Yammer as another way to announce an “employee of the month.” You can go as far as to make a “Yammer Use of the Month.” Maybe even a “Yammer Save” for the post that offered the best time-saving tip for work.

Virtual Meetings

Just like a Twitter chat, why not have a Yammer chat? Schedule a quick chat to discuss an idea. You can have users give feedback on something or test a site. It’s like a virtual focus group. I posted a video once to get feedback, and it worked great because users could respond directly to my post (not like Twitter) with their suggestions or “like” it.

Email Reducer

Rather than send an email to 20 employees with a link about some industry news, post it to Yammer instead. Rather than email your team the photos from your son’s graduation, post the Flickr link to Yammer. You can post it to the entire network, or just a group you’re in. But I get plenty of emails a day that are more “read when you have time” kind of emails that would make a good post on Yammer instead, as I usually go there “when I have time.”

While I admit I’m not a super Yammer user, I think it’s growing and has huge potential at any company. I’ve already met people who I wouldn’t have known before, and we’ve either helped each other with work projects or at least enjoyed a drink after work together (when a coworker I didn’t know received a pass for 50 people to drink for free at a nearby bar from work, she shared it some fellow coworkers, and when I was invited third-hand, I didn’t feel too guilty about going since I had least seen her on Yammer!).


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Five Ways to Use Yammer – Valerie Hoven…

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Good ideas, I really see the power of twitter like interfaces in companies, especially as a replacement for traditional online communication tools such as forums.

Out of interest where do you see yammer in the comms eco-system of your intranet/internal online presence?

Comment by mark nash

I worry that Yammer and my intranet will fight each other honestly. I think they can work together if I can get a “yammer-stream” (RSS) feed on our intranet, and if people use Yammer for convos and profile-building. I admit that the “MySite” of Sharepoint not only hasn’t caught on at my company, it’s not super easy to use. So for discussion and social aspects, Yammer rules. And hopefully the intranet will continue to be the #1 resource for employees for work stuff, ie policies, org charts, forms, and NEWS.

I can elaborate more… some day 🙂

Comment by Valerie Hoven

Thanks Valerie. We are looking for something (a microblogging solution)that could integrate well with MOSS2010 and looking at a few different options at the moment.

Comment by Andrea

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Comment by SMS

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Comment by Vicki

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Comment by Send SMS Worldwide

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Comment by gratis dejtingsidor

Great ways we & others can use Yammer to save money!! 🙂

Comment by Kim Pollard

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