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My company blocked Yammer! by Valerie Hoven
July 8, 2010, 11:17 pm
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So after I became a hero at my hospital, IT went and blocked Yammer. Yup. What do I do now? I feel helpless. I thought they were on my side.

A couple weeks ago, I posted a story on my intranet about Yammer. I told employees about it and all the wonderful ways it can help you at work. Dozens of people joined within days. Within a couple weeks, we reached 100+ members of Yammer (up from roughly 50). Conversations more than doubled on Yammer, too, after that announcement. I even wrote a blog post about all the wonders of Yammer.

Now, the almighty IT department came and shut us down. I keep getting emails asking why the site is down or if the link is broken. I have to break their hearts and say “It’s not you, it’s not me, it’s IT.”

And yes, IT also blocks YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. And my hospital has pages on all of the above.


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Sounds like your company is a terrible place to work.

It’s funny to watch these IT departments thrash about trying to maintain the power and importance they once had, while the world moves to the cloud and they become largely irrelevant.

I’m sure their answer will be something to the effect that “Yammer needs to be behind the firewall”, so they justify buying more servers and hiring more people to shore up their already inflated budget.

Comment by JP

I am feeling very sad with you. And agree with JP’s comment (except that IT will never become irrelevant: for marketing Yes, but not for inatranets).

I used to work for a company where IT thought it could control comms in the company (I was in that IT dept at the moment and furious about the decisions taken).
The problem was that CC didn’t involve IT, so it wasn’t IT’s idea, so IT looked for any reason to shut it down.

I recommend to find a good & friendly IT architect to develop this further together.

I really know: this is the only way to go forward, I used to be in IT, but felt more sympathy for CC – but we need to do these things together. Share the ‘success’, probably the IT department needs it.
Good luck Valerie!

Comment by Bas Zurburg

I agree @baszurburg! I’ve gone to happy hours with IT (heck, I’ve been asked out on dates twice by IT guys), but whoever has the power to block sites has yet to show himself.

And I love my hospital and my company, but our IT is really “corporate,” and I simply have no voice! But I might talk to some more higher-ups. Details soon.

Comment by Valerie Hoven

[…] after a successful blog post of all the wonderful ways to use yammer, my company blocked yammer. #yam #socmed #hcsm SusannahFox: RT @paulestorey How would *you* improve Drop the […]

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Val, have to talked to Stocker to see what’s up? Have you and he talked to Sylvia or June? Those should be your next steps, I think.

Comment by garrick

@garrick, I’m probably going to talk to our VP of IT first, then go to corporate.

Comment by Valerie Hoven

If your IT department is threatening to block Facebook, Twitter, etc. on your company network, you might want to share this helpful whitepaper with them:

Comment by kellybriefworld

It’s not uncommon for IT staff to not allow social networking on the cloud, especially in industries where HIPAA or other compliance issues may result.

Workplace productivity and idea generation can really improve with internal communication tools. You can still benefit from this type of communication by using an enterprise solution. Yammer doesn’t provide one, but check into Might be a great alternative for you. If you think your IT staff would be open to it, let me know and I can send them some info to look at.

Good luck in your quest for social networking and workplace productivity!

Comment by Amy Trapp

you raise a good point about HIPAA…

Comment by Valerie Hoven

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Did you check with your IT Dept before you decided to use the company network resources overhead. Probably not, because self promoting egotists such as yourself rarely do. The simple fact is that you are there to work not to gab and surf!!!

Comment by KENNY MOORE

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