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New Rule: No Coffee After 2 by Valerie Hoven
April 4, 2011, 7:21 pm
Filed under: Life

As a coffee addict, I drink coffee until at least 3pm before switching to soda. Well, that has to change. It’s no secret that I have too many ailments, especially for being in my 20s. And dehydration is one of them. So I’m switching to GATORADE! I love it! The orange flavor rocks. And that is my new afternoon drink. Water is just too boring. But hopefully this good habit lasts.

This is coming after losing our office Biggest Loser competition – again. And after suffering from low blood pressure and iron. I need some hydration, and I don’t like water, and coffee and soda don’t count. So I’m sort of excited for my Gatorade.

And as noted above, my illness is so secret. So really it’s the sick high school kid inside me who could never play sports who is excited to have an 8-pack of Gatorade in my apartment right now. Makes me seem cool, active and athletic. And I am 🙂 I’m healthy, a sailor and injured skier (bruised rotator cuff). Yeah, I sort of sound like a badass right now talking about my Gatorade and bruised rotator cuff!


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