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2010: My intranet review by Valerie
June 2, 2011, 6:41 pm
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So we all know that 2008-2010 were spent relaunching my hospital’s intranet. I actually had to do it twice because I broke it once, had to rebuild, then had to rebuild again to the original specs I had all along.

Here is a PDF with some before and after stats, benchmarking my intranet against our corporate intranet, and survey results. It might be of value to you, especially if you’re poor like me and can’t afford real benchmarking metrics.

Most interesting survey result: least common response for “what would you like to see on the intranet?” was blogs. They would rather have industry news and the weather. Weather?!

Don’t get too excited for the PDF. It’s not a cool infographic or anything. Just some slides and graphs showing what matters to employees, what they liked and what they didn’t like…

Update: June 2, RE: surveys
Information about the surveys.
Slides 2, 3, 4 and 13 were taken from a survey that was on the intranet, and it had a little more than 100 responses.
The rest of the slides were taken from a survey that our corporate healthcare system did, and more than 3,000 people from our hospital responded (there was an Ipod incentive I believe).
We have a little more than 9,000 employees total.
Our intranet receives about 1,000 unique visitors a day, 3,000 a month.


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Hi Valerie. Nice work with your Intranet survey and its results. Nice to see that the majority of respondents seem to appreciate the work you have done.

Was just interested to find out how many responses you received fro the survey as compared to the total number of Intranet users.
Also, you mention in your post that one of the questions was “What would you like to see on the Intranet?”. Did you give your participants some options to choose from or was it a free text field response for this question?


Comment by Peter Richards

We receive an average of 1,000 visitors to our intranet a day (we have about 9,000 employees). Results are from two surveys: one had 100+ responses and another had 3,000+ responses.

For “what would you like to see on the intranet,” it was a list of things, and you could select multiple responses.

Comment by hearttxxx

Thanks Valerie. That is a huge jump in participation. Did you offer incentives for those who participated to get over 1/3 of users to complete your survey?

Apologies that I am full of questions. I like hearing about Intranet surveys. They can be a valuable tool if created and executed thoughfully but if not they can raise user expectations to a level that can not be achieved by under resources Intranet teams. I have first hand experience in the latter 🙂

Comment by Peter Richards

No worries about the number of questions. I considered putting in more info about the surveys, and now I might just do that 🙂

In reality, they were two different surveys conducted by two different groups. The one with 100 responses was conducted by me and was put on our intranet. The one with thousands of responses was done via email by corporate. I requested the results, and then I analyzed them a bit. Those results included the “what do you want on your intranet” question, and that is how I compared usage of my intranet compared to corporate’s and the rest of the healthcare system.

No incentives for the 100 response survey. The one by corporate had some prizes, I believe.

Comment by hearttxxx

Great ingsthi. Relieved I’m on the same side as you.

Comment by Dell

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