GenY to the Xpower

About Valerie

Just another 20-something who can’t keep it to 140 characters or less.

Five days a week, I’m part of the 91% of the population with a job. And that job rocks my world!
It should also be noted that the views on my blog are mine, not my employer’s.

Here’s the breakdown, and usual topics of my blog.

Intranet (Sharepoint)
After pouring over survey and focus group results, I’m knees deep in intranet planning. My goal is to relaunch two intranets before I turn 27-years-old. (It was age 26, but that birthday passed…) So by April 2011, two intranets at St. Louis hospitals will not only look better, but will offer more information and less clutter. The intranet will finally be a resource for employees rather than just another place to look for information and give up after 20 minutes of no results.

Web Administrator
This is new to me, as my audience has always been internal. As a Web administrator, now I have to not only keep resourcefulness in mind for users, but I have to have a clear call to action for my visitors. Basically, I put the “marketing” into “Web Marketing” by ensuring that our Web site makes visitors want to make an appointment, register for a community event or at least recognize our brand.

Encourage doctors to refer to my hospital for transplant, heart and vascular and neuroscience conditions. Ensure patients always check “yes” to “would you refer a friend here?”

IT Communications Consultant
When a new computerized provider order entry system (Eclipsys, CPOE) launched at my hospital, I had to tell 8,000+ employees and 1,300+ physicians that their workflow would change. And they didn’t want to hear it. But I implemented an award-winning marketing campaign that made people WANT to embrace the new technology. I can’t say there weren’t bumps on the way (or that we are even bump-free now), but having a communicator on your IT team is a huge benefit. And I had a blast every minute of it!

Now that most systems are launched, we are using some new media, including social media and web videos, to pilot communications for new updates. A few pilots include discussion boards as a medium right now for on-going project updates and Q&A, as well as digital signage for employee messaging.

When not at work, I go to school part-time at Washington University, where I am pursuing my master’s degree in business administration.

And when not at school, you can find me sailing. I sail at Creve Coeur and Carlyle lakes on my new Y-flyer or as crew on a Viper 640.

Sarcasm is my middle name.


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