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Intranet Article Index
November 20, 2013, 10:05 am
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The Worldwide Intranet Challenge now has a database of intranet articles. Looks pretty cool at a quick glance. It’s definitely a list, not super easy to sort (that I can tell so far). But it’s great to have a resource like this with articles, names and photos! Thank you, WIC, for providing this great resource.


Behinds the Scenes Look at 2013 Greatest Intranets
November 19, 2013, 8:05 pm
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@tobyward from Prescient is hosting a free webinar tomorrow that will tour the greatest intranets from 2013. Looks like those named “greatest” received that title from the annual Intranet Global Forum conference in NYC. Any followers go to that? What did you learn?

2010: My intranet review
June 2, 2011, 6:41 pm
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So we all know that 2008-2010 were spent relaunching my hospital’s intranet. I actually had to do it twice because I broke it once, had to rebuild, then had to rebuild again to the original specs I had all along.

Here is a PDF with some before and after stats, benchmarking my intranet against our corporate intranet, and survey results. It might be of value to you, especially if you’re poor like me and can’t afford real benchmarking metrics.

Most interesting survey result: least common response for “what would you like to see on the intranet?” was blogs. They would rather have industry news and the weather. Weather?!

Don’t get too excited for the PDF. It’s not a cool infographic or anything. Just some slides and graphs showing what matters to employees, what they liked and what they didn’t like…

Update: June 2, RE: surveys
Information about the surveys.
Slides 2, 3, 4 and 13 were taken from a survey that was on the intranet, and it had a little more than 100 responses.
The rest of the slides were taken from a survey that our corporate healthcare system did, and more than 3,000 people from our hospital responded (there was an Ipod incentive I believe).
We have a little more than 9,000 employees total.
Our intranet receives about 1,000 unique visitors a day, 3,000 a month.
March 17, 2010, 3:42 am
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I love this site. Just like, now there is a site for other people like me – those who have an intranet that isn’t supported. I can’t say that I have a favorite yet, but a high ranking one is this: “A company has a strategy for parking, but not the intranet.”

So true. Facebook and other social media sites spread like wildfire and get an entire team dedicated to manage them inside corporations. Intranet has been around forever, but why does it not get any love? Is it because it’s not new and shiny like Twitter? Intranet needs to be a core part in every company’s internal communication strategy. Don’t assign one person to manage it. As a matter of fact, don’t make it anyone’s specialty. Anyone who is a communicator should know how to use it.

Train all communicators how to use it.
Include the intranet as a part of all communication plans. Direct readers/users there for more information.
Develop a governance plan.
Get upper-management support.

My intranet gets about 2,000 hits a day. We have 9,000+ employees. I’m redesigning it currently, hoping to improve its value and functionality. In the meantime, I had one user ask me how to open a document on “Compass.” Compass is the name of one page of our intranet, and it’s about just one IT project called Compass. (I happened to do the communications for that IT project, Compass, and I made sure that all communications I distributed linked back to the Compass intranet site.) Now… this user thinks the name of the whole intranet is Compass.

Clearly, our audience will go to the intranet when you tell them to, but only one project (that affects almost 8,000 of our employees) actually uses the intranet to its full potential. And I developed that plan and trained the users.

Now, all department need to catch on.