GenY to the Xpower

Manic Monday by Valerie Hoven
February 23, 2010, 4:02 am
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Most posts on Monday will probably be called Manic Monday. But today, I don’t wish it were Sunday.

Today was mostly spent applying taxonomy to related articles in medical specialties on the hospital’s Web site. Seriously, almost eight hours of it. Eight hours inside a content management system going back and forth to the specialty pages and then the articles to relate them. In a twisted way, my favorite part was when it didn’t work right. I love troubleshooting. So should I do IT support when I grow up? I probably wouldn’t be good considering I never figured out what was wrong when it didn’t work today!

When I told people that I was majoring in public relations in college, everyone said, “You will be so good at that because you’re great with people.” First, PR is so broad that you can really get away with limited interaction with people in many PR jobs. And second, I actually didn’t go into PR because I like people. I went into it because it was a broad field, and everything within it I enjoyed, such as writing, photography, graphic design, Web… So far, I’ve done all of it! Favorite is definitely Web and writing (not necessarily Web writing though).

But I’m also drawn IT of course, considering the above statement that I enjoy working inside software and troubleshooting stuff. I want to be CIO some day 🙂 But  I also like consumer research, focus groups and stuff like that. I’ll be meeting with my MBA college advisor soon, so I’ll get her perspective. Until then, any recommendations/thoughts are welcome.