GenY to the Xpower

pre-speaking jitters by Valerie Hoven

I’m worried that people coming to one of my sessions thinks I’m talking about social media. My presentation, called “Geek is Chic: Communicating and Promoting Technology in a Changing Healthcare World” is about how to tell your employees that their paper process will be automated.

Electronic medical records are being implemented all across the country, but so is Facebook and Twitter. The idea of an e-patient isn’t a patient who uses Facebook. It’s a patient who has a PHR and makes decisions using Web 2.0 tools. In order for a hospital to gear up for this shift in technology, you must first get the technology and brace yourself for change (that’s where I come in).

Social media planning comes next. Those tools help empower your own patients, and hopefully they make the right decision to come to your hospital.

So I hope people don’t leaving half-way through the presentation as we talk about CPOE because they wanted to talk about Twitter. I’ll let you know if I’m boo-ed out of my presentation.