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stay healthy and save money by Valerie Hoven
March 9, 2010, 7:47 pm
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Healthcare costs are overwhelming, no doubt. One article today says that computer reminders don’t help physicians that much and “implementing these costly technologies will be an expensive exercise in trial and error.” Technology costs continue to rise, but is patient care any better? It’s certainly not getting cheaper.

In the meantime, Vermont wants to outlaw hospital advertising in efforts to decrease healthcare spending.

If hospital advertising in banned and hospitals spend less on technology, then I am certainly out of a job. As an IT communicator and healthcare marketer, I’d be out on the streets the day hospitals cut back IT and/or marketing jobs.

But that isn’t my point. As a 20-something-blogger, I rarely have a point anyway. However, the growing healthcare costs coupled with the thought of operating a 1,000+ bed hospital makes we want to tell the world to keep healthy and stay out of the hospital.

I remember hearing someone say that it is just a conspiracy when hospitals try to educate the community on how to be healthy. It sort of made sense, but now I know that it isn’t a conspiracy at all. We know that our beds will fill up no matter what. We just want a manageable number of patients, please. So the healthier people are, the better off we all are, even if it is our job to take care of the sick.