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should i be a model? by Valerie Hoven
April 2, 2010, 4:45 pm
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Two days in a row I met with 26-year-olds who have heart disease. Yesterday, one of my best girl friends came to my hospital for a check up on her leaky valve. Today, I met another friend after his echo. It’s quite scary to me that two of my friends, both my age, have to meet with cardiologists to make sure their hearts keep working. We’re 26! (Well, they are, I turn 26 in one week.) And we all have something from birth.

Anyway, after I met with my friend today, I was walking back to my office (a few short blocks from the hospital) and another employee said I should be a model. He must have caught me in the one moment that the wind was blowing and the sun was lighting up my face because I look nothing like a model. I shouldn’t let it go to my head considered the guy who said that is a valet driver, and every day he parks cars for people generally much older than me… so I might have been a sight for sore eyes, simply. 😉

Maybe I looked better today I was able to wear jeans  because I donated $5 to the Heart Walk. Help me fight heart disease and keep these 20-somethings inside their cubicles and out of the doctors’ offices!