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Sharepoint Designer Virgin by Valerie Hoven

I’m about to use Sharepoint Designer for the first time today! Our corporate IS team won’t let us use it, but I found out that our School of Medicine WILL let us use it! (I have to manage sites for both entities sometimes, but two different organizations on two different servers…)

So I already told our Webmaster to not expect any more Web work from me today, as I’m playing with my intranet site for the rest of the day 🙂

The co-organization project is actually for our marketing departments. Sometimes the hospital writes stories about patients with lung disease, but our school of medicine might have a video  from a doctor about lung disease, so I’m creating a joint intranet site where we can post our stories, videos and podcasts and share them with each other. No use in reinventing the wheel folks! I’m thinking of making the site a wiki. Any suggestions?


First speaking gig by Valerie Hoven
April 7, 2010, 4:18 pm
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Time to change my blog and LinkedIn profile. I put that I want to relaunch two intranets before I turn 26. Well, my birthday is Friday and I have nothing to show for it.

But I do get to add that some consider me an expert in my field, as I will present at a marketing conference about communicating and promoting technology systems in healthcare internally. Sounds pretty esoteric. It is.

At hospitals, almost everything is going online. We all know about electronic medical records by now. In addition to those, most employee processes are being automated, and someone has to break that news to employees. It’s me. Nothing like telling 70-year-old doctors that they have to switch from paper to a computer.

My hospital isn’t the only one with this issue, so I submitted a presentation to the Association of Academic Medical Centers marketing conference called “Geek Is Chic: Communicating and Promoting Technology in a Changing Healthcare World.” The conference called me and said they didn’t even get past the title before they selected it. They accepted about a quarter of all presentations submitted.

As a matter of fact, so many people signed up for my presentation that I was moved to a bigger room and asked to present twice.

Now the presentation isn’t until tomorrow. So I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m quite nervous. It’s my last day as a 25-year-old, and I’m not really an expert in anything. But I brought goodies for everyone, including “Geek Speak” lunch bags filled with Nerds candy and a couple of our publications that outline our IT systems in simple terms. People love examples of what worked. Plus, who doesn’t love free candy?! That will distract them as I say “um” and “errr” 100 times.

And “free” is arbitrary. It cost me $360 to check five bags on American Airlines. Four of my bags are hopefully not coming back with me, as they are all presentation give aways.

On my birthday on Friday, I will be accepting an award. I submitting my “Geek Speak” internal marketing campaign to the conference, and it won an honorable mention. So perhaps I am sort of an expert. As with all award winners, “I wouldn’t be here today without my parents, my boss and my co-workers.” Seriously though, my boss pitched me an idea about hosting a Geek Fair, and I ran with it and turned it into a full-blown, year-long, marketing campaign. And now it’s an “honorable mention,” competing against all other marketing campaigns (mostly external I imagine) for academic medical centers nationwide. My little geeky campaign – a winner! So on my first day of being 26, I will be a seasoned presenter and award-winning internal communicator.

OK, I’ll get off my high horse now.

Yes, I will share my slides by end-of-day tomorrow hopefully. I might have a podcast, too.