GenY to the Xpower

18 signs you’re techno bonkers, plus a lil music by Valerie Hoven
February 26, 2010, 9:09 pm
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Are you techno-bonkers?

Let’s examine furthur. I’m Gen-Y and love Web. (Like, I LOVE it. I want to go inside it! It’s creepy, I know.)

1. Your baby is born in the hospital and the nurse asks, “What’s the baby’s handle?”
I had to Google this, and I’m still not sure what it means. DARPA was brought up. Too geeky for me, I guess.

2. The sign on the restaurant door says: “No shirt, no shoes, no gadgets, no service.”
Love it! Just leave your phone off in movies, even in the dollar theater.

3. The new name for Hide and Seek is “Foursquare.”
Never played it, no desire. What am I missing? Not sure I want everyone knowing where I am all the time either.

4. The phrase “He’s all thumbs” is considered a huge compliment for a fast texter.
I’m super fast!

5. Every house with kids proudly displays their avatars—not their school pictures—on the mantel.
Proud mama, I would be!

6. No one talks anymore. We IM.
Been asked out twice by IT boys via work IM. Hey, free drinks are free drinks!

7. When someone says “Smile for the picture,” you immediately think 🙂
Or I immediately look at their cell phone and smile.

8. Your 6-year-old adoringly pleads at bedtime, “Please tell me that story again about ‘The Three Wise Men: Chris Brogan, Tom Peters, and Seth Godin.’ ”
I should research more tech heros, other than Steve Jobs, Robert Scoble and Jack Dorsey perhaps…

9. Gadgets like the iPad have gone the way of eight-track tapes.
We all saw that coming…

10. Kids laugh at their parents when they describe how Tweetdeck worked.
Aww, I still use Tweetdeck. Exciting to find out what my kids will use, though! 🙂

11. On special occasions, Grandma shares her story, “When I was your age and had to Tweet from my BlackBerry, we paid $12 to see the Avatar movie in 3D and got these silly glasses …”
Hopefully I won’t tell them that their grandpa first asked me out via instant message then via text message… and how it became official when Facebook said we were “in a relationship.”

12. When you go through the security check at airports, everyone beeps. We’re all wired and chipped. TSA who?
It takes about three bins for me to get all my carry-ons through security because your laptop needs it’s own bin, then all other electronics in another… You know, I once saw Flavor Flav at an airport. And yes, he was wearing all his chains and a clock. Can you imagine him at the airport?

13. The bumper stickers that say “Honk If You Love Country Music” have been replaced with “Tweet If You Love” – and no one ever gets a ticket.
What about Pandora?

14. Scrabble now has pieces with .ly and http://
Niiiiiiiiice! And we can use words like “de-friend” and “tweet.”

15. Phone books and libraries are obsolete. There’s one book that matters: The Book of Links.
What’s a phone book? And for that matter, what’s a dictionary? Google even has a define function!

16. No one discusses the difference between bloggers and journalists, because the last newspaper went to “Newspaper Heaven.”
All newspapers go to heaven, right?

17. Baby bibs that used to say “Spit Happens” now read “Spam Happens, IMHO.”
My baby will totally have that bib!

18. Mashable tops the newest version of the Seven Wonders of the World.
That would be geeky, but the seven wonders are awesome, and my kids will learn about them! In addition to all great things techy.

P.S. It’s not techno. It’s tech, or techy, etc. Techno is music! My favorite music 🙂 Speaking of… if you love techno, join us Monday where my friends are DJing for the first time! They will play “synth-pop” and “future pop.” Apparently future pop is it’s own genre. My friends aren’t claiming they know the future of synth. RSPV on Facebook.