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6 resume phrases people hate by Valerie Hoven
March 4, 2010, 10:28 pm
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This story came up in one of my e-newsletters, and it’s not an uncommon topic. Resume/job searching topics and tips always peak my interest (perhaps because I was on the job hunt for almost three years until I finally found a perfect job!), so I always read the articles.

But now I’m sick of it. Who are these people who put this kind of junk on their resumes? Who puts that they are a “team player” or “good communicator”? That is way too objective, and honestly, I don’t see it as providing any value. When I get resumes, I don’t want to read what you think about yourself. I want results!

And yes, even I get resumes. As a matter of fact, I get them all the time! Having a job is awesome. And having a job that tons of other people want is good and bad. First, it shows that you are very replaceable. 😦 Second, it’s also just sort of hard to get emails from people who need a job badly. But hey, I was there. I applied for literally hundreds of jobs before I even graduated college.

From December 2005-May 2006, I sent at least 300 resumes out. I got what I would call one and a half job offers. I ended up taking an intership with Nestle Purina because 1) they rock and 2) they are in St. Louis. But that job was temporary, so I was still applying for jobs. So yes, I’ve been there.

But my advice it this: Take whatever job you can, even if it’s an internship, volunteer or part-time, as long as it’s in your field. An internship after college looks better than no job or a job as a waitress. And if you were laid off recently, get any job you can. Don’t get a big head and think, “I made so much more than that at my last job.” Guess what? You were let go. Move on and take anything because again, one month of unemployment looks better than anything longer than that. Taking a job “below” you doesn’t mean you have to retire from there. Just take it and keep looking for other jobs.

I was really dissappointed when a the St. Louis public TV station, KETC, had a part-time job opening for a web coordinator and NONE of my friends applied. All the recent graduates who sent me their resumes (people I didn’t know, friend’s cousins, friends girlfriends…) said they wanted full-time. Too-freaking-bad! Just apply! It was a great job with a great company! And all those people are still looking for jobs, by the way. Waiting tables and waiting for the perfect job just leads to a lot of waiting.

My hundreds of resumes and constant job searching finally paid off 🙂 Now I’m a happy camper doing marketing for the 9th best hospital in the nation.