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no scar by Valerie Hoven
February 26, 2010, 6:43 am
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No ScarSort of a strange post, I realize, but this is crazy amazing to me to look at a photo of myself and see my chest but no scar. The first thing I noticed was a blank chest. Not that anyone counts photos of themselves showing their chest, but this has to be the last one taken of me before my heart transplant. It’s so strange to see it. So pure. ┬áSo young. So naive.

This must have been during the summer of 1998. I’m guessing I had just graduated 8th grade. I’m surprised I was healthy enough to even swim that summer and climb rocks at Elephant Rocks.

My dad and his friends would go there every summer together. Those memories are great. And his friends were always and continue to be great friends and support to me and my family. We haven’t gone to Elephant Rocks in quite a few years, but we certainly need to go now. Things have changed. I certainly can’t wear a two piece anymore!